Worship Leader, Musician or a Worshipper?

Worship Sessions to take your worship to the next level

You can join our Live Training Sessions

No Matter what your musical ability is...

We wait on the Lord during our sessions to allow him to lead us by his Holy Spirit We also engage in spiritual warfare, because worship is the place of the most intense battle with Satan for the church. Sadly, many worship leaders have fallen and led the church astray by not keeping their hearts pure

We also teach Acoustic Guitar


Full Worship Experience:

  • Our session are designed for you to come in close contact with God through his word, worship, and exercise of the spiritual gifts
  • While you learn, it will lift you up to a new level of faith and knowledge of God
  • You will begin to function in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and experience the miraculous
  • You can receive the gift of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of Speaking In Tongues!
  • Bring a friend to enter into this worship experience together


Worship Band Musician:

  • Holy Spirit inspired backing and music sets are now made available (beginner and expert) - just bring your instrument or your voice - and come out with Spirit-filled worship and a great sound
  • LEARN Whether you are a vocalist or a musician, you can now find out how to play and sequence songs in a service, during our live classes. We take you through all the most popular and current worship songs and open them up for both beginner and expert. You'll also gain some knowledge of music theory in practice
  • PERFORM You'll learn to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, so that you can choose which parts of the song to replay during live performance, and you'll actually play. This allows you to be extra sensitive to the Holy Spirit while you lead the congregation into the presence of God
  • EASY TO SING Usually backing tracks and worship music is too high pitch for a congregation to sing. We sometimes use real sounding, live performance backing tracks for special occasions which are extremely versatile in congregation-friendly keys With the technology now available we can seamlessly switch to different parts of the backing tracks
  • HAVE SPECIAL DEDICATIONS Add creativity to certain parts of your service, and include creative dance ministry - We also train prophetic tambourine dance for a complete worship experience

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  • You'll learn quickly - the fastest way is to learn in the context of a band sound
  • You'll learn practically - even after the first session you'll immediately be able to begin to lead worship
  • Easily arrange a song set (including lyrics) and be much quicker at preparing worship
  • Flexibility and sensitivity
  • And most importantly, you'll learn to be prayerfully guided by the Holy Spirit
  • Getting Spirit-filled worship in a small setting



Your Name and Town / City:


Your Telephone Number: